Adoption Policies & Procedures

    • Beginning June 30th, 2017, MAS Rescue will charge a $10 non refundable administrative application processing fee for dog applications. 100% of this fee will be for our rescued animals in need. To be clear:
    • No dog application will be processed until the $10 fee is paid via this PayPal link
    • The $10 is non refundable. Should you be approved and adopt an animal through MAS Rescue, you will receive a $10 credit to your adoption fee.
    • Paying the application fee is in no way a guarantee that you will be approved to adopt an animal through MAS Rescue. All of the same standards in processing applications still apply as stated below.
    • By submitting an application and paying the $10 application fee, you agree to the terms listed above. If you do not adopt through MAS Rescue or your application is rejected, this serves as your notice of the application fee policy.

  • Thank you for your interest in helping save a life by adopting an animal for your family. Before you proceed further, please review: "Is Pet Adoption for You?" (linked here)
  • Please click here to do your research about bringing a "Dog" (linked here) or a "Cat," (linked here) or a "guinea pig" (linked here) or a "Rabbit" (linked here) into your family.
  • The adoption application process usually takes up to 7 days, often less.
  • Please submit your application within 2-7 days of your adoption date and not before. This is non-negotiable.
  • We cannot hold animals for an adopter for a lengthy period - it prevents that animal from starting his/her new life and it prevents us from saving lives of other desperate animals.
  • Application Forms are available for download here. Please complete and submit your application in a timely manner as we cannot guarantee how long the animal you are interested in will remain available (sometimes we receive multiple applications on the same day for the same animal).
  • You must fully complete your application. We take finding homes for the animals very seriously.
  • The process consists of your completion of an adoption application, our review of the application and contacting relevant references, verifying the application information and then contacting you with a decision about approval.
  • Once approved, we ask that adopters meet the animal within 72 hours of the approval, decide within 24 hours of the meeting and adopt within 48 hours of the decision. We do require that all household members be present for the meeting and/or adoption, this includes your family dog(s).
  • We consider regular veterinary care to be crucial to your animal's well being. "Click Here" to learn more about regular veterinary care for your dog and cat.
  • We expect that puppies and kittens will not be left alone for long periods of time or too many hours on any particular day, as interaction and exercise are crucial to their proper development.
  • We are looking not only for great adopters but also for great matches.
  • Once the application is approved, the adopter is contacted and arrangements are made to meet the animal. When you meet the animal, the MASR volunteer will determine if it is a match. You are NEVER obligated to adopt the animal. If it is a match, it is then your decision whether to adopt. If it is a match, you will complete the adoption contract and take the new animal home.
  • While we do welcome out-of-state applicants, we highly encourage you to look around at your local shelters to see what they may have to offer before contacting us.
  • We do not "ship" our animals.
  • We understand the desire to meet our "cuties" as soon as possible. We operate entirely out of foster homes, we need to limit visitation to approved applicants only. We do not have a facility. Once your application is completed by you and approved by MASR, we will be glad to schedule your visit.
  • We do not have a policy about ages of children, the determination is case-by-case. We love children and animals together. However, we DO expect that all children will be respectful, gentle and kind to the animals and be supervised by the adult in the family, closely supervised if the children are very young. There are some animals that are not a good match for small children.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt.
  • We take the current and future care of all animals very seriously. The application process is used to determine and predict whether applicants will be a good match and provide for their new animal. We believe our adoption standards are reasonable and applied fairly with the care and wellbeing of the animal as our top priority. Based on years of experience in reviewing 1000s of applications and placing 1000s of animals, we find that there are several reasons an application might be denied. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse an application for any reason. If your application is denied, we apologize in advance for your disappointment and frustration as we do not provide the reason(s) for denial. Our goal is always to find excellent "forever homes" for all of our rescued animals. Unfortunately, not every application is a "yes" as we strive to meet that goal.
  • Your patience is appreciated as we receive many applications each day and have many animals to care for.
  • If you are approved and adopt, you will be expected to let us know how your new family member settles in, how everything goes at the vet (you are required to take your newly adopted animal to the vet within 7-10 days of the adoption and bring a fecal sample for testing) and then to follow up once your kitten/puppy is spayed/neutered, if applicable. We expect all dogs to receive monthly preventatives for heartworm and that all cats will be kept indoors 100% of the time and never declawed.
  • Of course, we hope that you will always maintain communication with us, as we are always available to help and/or hear the happy "tails" of your furry family members.
  • If for some reason you can no longer care for your MASR animal, you are REQUIRED to contact us. We make a lifetime commitment to all of our animals. We expect to have the animals returned to us. If you need to re-home your animal and you know of someone who is interested, we ask you to still contact us so that we may be part of the process. You may never turn your animal over to a shelter, unless required to do so by law.
  • FEES: In general the adoption fee for most dogs/puppies is $300. For senior dogs (small dogs 9 and over and medium and large dogs 6 and over), adoption fee is $250. However, any animal that must be seen by a groomer or has additional surgical requirements may be more. The adoption fee for kittens and cats is: Cats 1 yr and over - $100. $75 for Cats over 10 yrs. - and Kittens (8 wks to 1 yr) - $135. Please refer to the individual animal's description for specific fee. It is not uncommon for us to spend $100s, if not $1000.+ on 1 animal who is in desperate need. The adoption fees for some animals help us care for others.
  • These Policies and Procedures are effective as of 07/13/20.
  • Fostering is a rewarding and wonderful way to save lives.
  • We are an entirely volunteer organization.
  • For additional information or questions, please use our "Contact Us" form.
Jennifer Haber
Adoption Coordinator
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